Miniature Building Company


Stock items are hand built and hand finished using a fibre cement based casting powder and finished with two coats of masonary paint in a choice of colours.  

These buildings are built 1/24th scale.  The walls are approx 10-15mm thick and the windows are clear plastic so internal lighting can be fitted to give a great effect.  By using the 1/24th scale, many accessories can be purchased to enhance your buildings, such as people, external furniture, lighting, alpine plants and bonsai.

We can also commission build in any scale to suit your requirements from cottages to castles.  All commissioned buildings are hand built from individually cut stone and if required we can build from stone you provide.  Clear windows are used and lighting can be fitted to give a brilliant night time effect.

Some of the buildings in the photos have been outside in all weather conditions for over 25 years and believe they have weathered quite effectively.